By E. L. Bynum



By E. L. Bynum
"...the fields...are white already to harvest."
John 4:35
   No other generation of Christians has ever faced
the challenge, that this generation of Christians is facing
today.   No generation in human history, has ever had as
many lost people living at one time, as this generation.
   AMAZING BUT TRUE: "One-half of all people born
since the beginning of recorded history, that lived to
the age of 5, is alive today."

I. The Urgency Of The Hour

   Due to the so-called "population explosion," the
population of the world is increasing at the fastest
rate in the history of the world.

World Population Over 3 Billion (3,300,000,000)
   Yes, there are more than 3 billion people in the
world.   And the population of the world is increasing
160,000 every 24 hours.   This is proven by comparing
the birth rate with the death rate.
    320,000 births every 24 hours.
    160,000 deaths every 24 hours.
   These figures show a net increase of 160,000 every
24 hours, or over 60 million increase every year.   It is
estimated that 2 million people are reached with the
Gospel each year -- only about 1 in 30 of the world's
population increase.
   If all the people of the world were to stand in a
continuous line, spaced one yard apart, they would
stretch out for more than 1 1/2 million miles, more than
the distance of three round trips to the Moon, or a solid
army in close formation marching four abreast,
encircling the Earth at the equator 16 times!   This is
all the more amazing when we realize how rapidly this
has come about.
    Year 1650, world population 545 million
    Year 1750, world population 728 million
    Year 1850, world population 1 billion 171 million
    Year 1950, world population 2 billion 500 million
    Year 1967, world population 3 billion 300 million
    Year 2000, world population 6 billion???!!!

   If the people of China would march past a given
point 4 abreast, they would never cease to march,
because a new generation would be born and grow up,
before this generation past.   Nearly one-third of the
world's population is Chinese.
We Are Losing Ground
   The ratio of Christians is dropping every year.
    8% of world's population called Christian today
    6% of population will be Christian in 10 years
    2% of population to be Christian by year 2000.
   You must understand that these figures cover profes-
sing Christianity.   This includes modernists, etc., so
we have no way of knowing how many of these are
really saved.   If the decline continues as projected,
by the year 2000 Christianity will be an insignificant
percentage of the world's population.   The year 2000
is only 33 years away.
   YES, we believe in the soon coming of Jesus Christ.
The signs of the times, point to His early return, BUT
what are we going to do about the 3 billion souls alive
today, while we are waiting for His return??
   There are over 3 thousand languages in the world

besides English.   There are also several thousand lesser
dialects in the world.
    3,000 languages in the world
    1,232 languages have Scripture portions
    236 languages have the whole Bible
    600 Indian languages have no Bible
    400 African languages have no Bible
    1,000 languages of New Guinea, Indonesia, and
        Pacific Islands have no Bible
    300 languages of Latin America have no Bible.

   Most of these people have no written language, and
those who now have a written language usually do not
have the whole Bible in their language.   At the present
rate of translation, it will take over 150 years to finish
the job.
   700 tribes have completely died off in the last 30
years as a victim of the white man's diseases.   These
never received the message.
   100 Indian tribes exist in Mexico alone.   Pioneer lang-
uage work is being done in 84 of these tribes by inter-
denominationals.   Perhaps 2 or 3 of these tribes have a
New Testament Church.

200 Versions Of The Bible In English
   YES, America has over 200 versions of the Bible
available in English.   New versions (or perversions),
are constantly announced, printed and sold.   Is not
this a sad state of affairs, when over 2,000 languages
have no Bible of any version in their language?!!

"The harvest truly is plenteous, but the
labourers are few;"
Matt. 9:37.
   3 million villages of the world have no gospel witness.
Indonesia with a population of 90 million, has no Baptist
missionary.   Missionary personel is shrinking 25% every
10 years, because of the population explosion.   The
number of missionaries now on the field are inadequate,
to reach the un-evangelized on the field, as the following
figures will demonstrate.
    Pacific Islands, 1 missionary to 5,000 population
    Latin America, 1 missionary to 27,000
    Near & Middle East, 1 missionary to 149,000
    Africa, 1 missionary to 18,000
    India & Sub-continent, 1 missionary to 104,00
    Far East, 1 missionary to 52,000.

   We are told that there are 43,000 missionaries of the
world occupying some 130 fields.   We do not know how
many of the 43,000 are Baptist, nor do we know how
many of the 43,000 do not even preach salvation by
grace, much less contend for New Testament Church
truth.   There are supposed to be 265 million Protestants
and Baptists in the world, yet there are only 43,000
foreign missionaries.   What a tragic testimony!!
    9% of the world's population speak English
    91% of the world does not speak English
    90% of the world's Christians come from the
        9% who speak English
    10% of the world's Christians come from the
        91% who do not speak English
    94% of the ordained preachers in the world
        minister to the 9% who speak English
      6% of the ordained preachers in the world
        minister to the 91% who do not speak English
    96% of the church's income is spent among the
        9% who speak English
    4% of the church's income is spent among the
        91% who do not speak English.

    73% of the English-speaking peoples
    7% of the world's population
    50% of the world's wealth
    63% of the world's manufactured goods
    29% of the world's railroads
    74% of the world's automobiles
    52% of the world's trucks
    56% of the world's telephones
    47% of the world's radios
    46% of the world's electric output
    52% of the world's steel
    53% of the world's petroleum
    36% of the world's coal.

   In 1903 Communism was born with 17 supporters.
   In 1917 Communism conquered Russia with 40,000
   In 1944 Communism ruled one country with 160
million people.
   In 1967 Communism rules over 1 billion people.
   In time of war, soldiers who do not obey the
orders of their Chief Executive are court-martialed and
sometimes executed.   Christian soldier, what about the
orders given by our Lord Jesus Christ?   (Matt. 28:18-20)
Money For Missions
   American Communists spend 38% of their gross
income for their cause.   American Christians spend
less that 1% of their income for foreign missions.   In
fact the average American "Christian" (so-called)
gave about 3 cents a week to missions or about $1.56
for the whole year.   Most cigarette smokers spend twice
as much each week for cigarettes as the average
American "Christian" gave to missions all year!!
   The average U. S. Protestant gave $77.75 to their
church during 1965.   At the same time the average
Southern Baptist gave $59.22 to their church for all
causes.   We do not have the figures on the giving of
independent Baptists, but I am sure that we would be
ashamed of that figure also.
   The United States is the richest country in the world.
The Christians in the United States make up the richest
generation of Christians that have ever lived.   No other
generation of Christians has had as much money to
spend in the spreading of the Gospel as this generation.
Yet, we often hear the excuse, "We just don't have any
money to give to missions.   It takes all we can rake
and scrape, to just make ends meet."
  What about the
money that Christians are spending on television, vaca-
tions, tobacco, luxuries, and multitudes of other non-
necessary items?   Are these things more important than
the immortal souls of men?
How Americans Spend Their Money
Cars and use
Household operation
Clothing, Accessories, etc.
Illegal gambling
Alcoholic Drinks
Personal Care
Religion & Welfare
Dogs, cats, birds (pets)
Pet food, cats, dogs and birds

$84 billion
61 billion
46 billion
50 billion
35 billion
21 billion
47 billion
11 billion
9 billion
8 billion
6 billion
5 billion
4 billion
712 million
500 million

Greeting Cards
Chewing Gum
Foreign Missions
Ball point pens
341 million
304 million
190 million
144 million
   Many sad but informative comparisons can be made
in the above figures.   Many people complain about the
churches always wanting money, but the above figures
show that the American people spent 4 times as much
on recreation last year as they did on all Religion and
Welfare.   The above figures show that over 100 times
as much was spent for recreation as was spent on
foreign missions.   (Yes, 100 times is right).   Over 20
times as much was spent on dogs, cats, and birds
(pets), as was spent on foreign missions.   Over 40
times as much was spent on tobacco, as was spent on
foreign missions.   Over 200 times as much spent on
illegal gambling as was spent on foreign missions.
Nearly 2 times as much spent on greeting cards as was
spent on foreign missions.   Over 1 1/2 times as much
spent on chewing gum as was spent on foreign missions.
I could go on and on, but I believe that the reader
can make his own comparisons.   Oh, shame, shame,

II. The Agency Of The Hour

   During the earthly life and ministry of the Lord
Jesus Christ, He established the New Testament
Church.   "...I will build my church; and the gates of
hell shall not prevail against it."
  Matthew 16:18.   The
word "church" (ekklesia in Greek) meant, "Originally
an assembly of citizens, regularly summoned."
"The Greek word EKKLESIA signified primarily the
assembly of citizens in a self-governed State."
In the New Testament the word EKKLESIA is some-
times used in an institutional sense.   Today, we some-
times speak of the home as an institution.   But if we
are called upon to define a home, or display a home,
we must of necessity come to the local visible home.
   The "Universal Invisible Church" to which sup-
posedly, all saved belong, DOES NOT EXIST and never
has existed.   It cannot be found in the Bible, because
it does not exist.   The Church of the New Testament
was local, visible and could be assembled regularly.
This was the kind of Church that Jesus built.   "God hath
set some in the church, first apostles..."
I Cor. 12:28.
It was this kind of church that was given the rules
for discipline.   Matt. 18:15-19.   It was this kind of
Church that was commanded to "keep the ordinances
[baptism and the Lord's Supper], as I delivered them
to you."
  I Cor. 11:2 and I Cor. 1:2.

The Church Is The Agency Of The Hour
   It was to this kind of Church that Jesus gave the
Great Commission.   Matt. 28:18-20.   It was to this
kind of Church that Jesus said, "tarry ye in the city of
Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power"
Luke 24:49.
It was this kind of Church that had about 120 members.
Acts 1:15.   It was this kind of Church that held a
business meeting and elected a man to take the place
of Judas.   Acts 1:15-26.   It was this kind of Church that
was in "one accord in one place[,]" to receive the Holy
Spirit on the day of Pentecost.   Acts 2:1.   It was to
this kind of Church that the Lord added 3,000 souls
in one day.   Acts 2:41.   It was to this kind of Church
that "the Lord added...daily such as should be saved."
Acts 2:47.   It was to this kind of Church that "the Holy
Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the
work whereunto I have called them."
  Acts 13:2.
Paul Was A Church Sponsored Missionary
   Paul and Barnabas were selected by the Holy Spirit
and sent forth by the Holy Spirit, but this was done

through the agency of the Church at Antioch.   Acts
13:1-4.   After they had completed their first missionary
journey, they returned to Antioch and reported to the
Church.   Acts 14:27.
   Jesus did establish the Church.   But you will search
in vain through the New Testament, if you are looking
for a place where He established a convention or asso-

Man Made Agencies
   Paul wrote about the "churches [plural] of Galatia"
and the "churches of Macedonia" (I Cor. 16:1; II Cor.
8:1), but he did not say anything about the "conven-
of Galatia or the "association" of Macedonia.
We read about the "churches of Asia" and the "churches
of Judaea[,]"
but we see nothing in the scriptures about
the "fellowship" of Asia or the "union" of Judea.
WHY??   Because these organizations did not exist then,
nor do they have any scriptural right to exist today.
   Man has been busy organizing conventions, associa-
tions, unions, fellowships, faith mission boards, etc.   No
Scripture authorizing such organizations has ever been
found.   Many sincere men devote themselves to pro-
moting such organizations, no doubt thinking that the
end justifies the means.
   Any mission work that does not begin in a New
Testament Church, and does not end in the establish-
ment of a New Testament Church, is not Bible missions.
Paul was a Church builder.   As you read the book of
Acts and the epistles of Paul, it is easy to see that
he was interested in seeing a soul winning New Testa-
ment Church in each city.   He wrote to young Timothy
about "the house of God, which is the church of the
living God, the pillar and ground of the truth."
Timothy 3:15.
   Paul did have one brief experience with "boards"
while doing mission work.   While on a voyage to Rome,
the ship Paul was sailing on, was wrecked by a terrible
storm.   While escaping to land, some of the passengers
found "boards" were quite useful.   However, the con-
text clearly indicates that the "boards" were all wet
in this case.   Acts 27:44.
The Great Challenge Of The Hour
   True New Testament Baptist Churches face a tre-
mendous challenge.   There is probably at least 3
billion lost people in the world.   More than half of these
have not even heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and
millions have not even heard His name.   Communism
controls at least 1 billion people.   Modernism holds a
death like grip on Protestantism, and sad to say, the
same thing applies to the majority of those who wear
the name Baptist.   Of course there are many inter-
denominational missionaries who do preach salvation by
grace, but their efforts are largely wasted because of
their failure to teach Church truth.   This is also true
of many who wear the name Baptist, because they
are interdenominational in doctrine and practice.
   Many of the Independent Baptist Churches that are
sound in the faith, are sound asleep.   Many are strong
on orthodoxy, but weak on "orthopraxy."   Many are
missionary in name, but fewer are missionary in
practice.   Many are scriptural in the local Church
work, but support unsound and unscriptural mission
work on the foreign field.   Some support missions enough
to try to sooth the conscience, but few are sacrificial
in giving and going.   Some Independent Baptist Churches
and preachers seem to think that their calling, is to
criticize the mission work that other groups are doing.
Remember, God did not call us to criticize, but to
evangelize.   Criticism of another man's method, does
not constitute obedience to Christ.   The servant must
give an account to his own master.
   Somehow, someway, we must do more than we have
been doing.   As great as the challenge, the hour is not

hopeless.   Though our number be few and the need
so great, if we will only become available for God to
use, there will be a miraculous advance in the mission
work that we are doing.   When we work in the energy
of the flesh, what is accomplished is dependent upon
what we can do.   But when we are yielded and sur-
rendered to God, what is accomplished is dependent
upon what God can do.   And there is a VAST differ-
ence between the two.

III. The Unction For The Hour

   "But ye have an unction from the Holy One..."
1 John 2:20.
   Someone has said, "It takes a Divine unction to make
Orthodoxy function."
  That unction is promised to the
children of God.   The "Holy One" referred to in this
verse is none other than Christ.   Jesus was the "Anointed
  "God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the
oil of gladness above thy fellows."
  Hebrews 1:8,9.   The
context is clear, over against the Antichrist and his
system with its many followers, God places His
Anointed One and His anointed ones.   "AN UNCTION.
The word means that with which the anointing is per-
   In both the O. T. and N. T., the anointing oil was a
symbol of the Holy Spirit.
   If we are to accomplish the urgent task of the hour,
we must recognize and utilize the power of the Holy
Spirit of God.   We are not advocating a second work
of grace, because the Bible does not teach this.   We
do not need wild-fire, "strange fire," or fanaticism.

Power For The Hour

After Jesus had given His commission to the Church,
He told them, "tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until
ye be endued with power from on high."
  Luke 24:49.
"But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is
come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me
...unto the uttermost part of the earth."
  Acts 1:8.
   The task assigned to that little band of defeated, dis-
heartened believers seemed to be far above their cap-
ability.   Their leader had just been rejected by the
nation of Israel.   He had indeed risen from the dead,
but He had departed from them.   From every human
standpoint, Christianity had come to the end of the
line.   Both Jew and Gentile had rejected His message.
There seemed little hope that such a small movement,
led by men who had deserted their commander in the
heat of the battle, could ever survive in such a hostile
political, moral and religious climate.
   But in just a few years, Christianity had spread to
the remote areas of the Roman Empire.   The con-
verts were numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and
many churches had been established in Europe and
Asia.   By the year 56 A.D., it could be said "that all
they which dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord
Jesus, both Jews and Greeks."
  Acts 19:10.   WHAT
MADE THE DIFFERENCE??   It was the power of the
Holy Spirit.   The Church had tarried and the Lord had
kept His promise.
   "And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they
were all with one accord in one place."
  Acts 2:1.   The
Holy Spirit came, and that Church at Jerusalem was
never the same again.   On that wonderful day, that old
ex-fisherman who had cursed and denied his Lord
less than two months before, stood and boldly declared
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   On that one day 3,000
souls were saved, baptized and added to the Church.
   Today, we do not need to pray for the coming of
the Spirit, or for the "baptism of the Spirit."   God kept
His promise.   Every truly born again believer has the
Holy Spirit dwelling within.   The reason we do not

have the power of the Spirit, is because we so often
"quench" and "grieve" the Spirit.   1 Thess. 5:19; Eph.
4:30.   Then we fail to "walk in the Spirit[,]" and after-
ward speculate on why we are barren and unfruitful.
Gal. 5:25.
   We are commanded to be "filled with the Spirit[.]"
Eph. 5:18.   When filled with sin, we cannot be filled
with the Spirit.   The question is not whether the
believer has the Spirit, but rather, does the Spirit
have the believer?   Simon Peter said, "we are his
...and so is also the Holy
Acts 5:32.   We need the glory of His
presence and the power of His person, but we cannot
claim this without separation and consecration.

A Wonderful Example
   In the great Church at Antioch, we see a wonderful
example of the relationship of the Holy Spirit to mis-
sions.   "Now there were in the church that was at
Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas
...and Saul.   As they ministered to the Lord, and
fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and
Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.   And
when they
[the Church] had fasted and prayed, and
laid their hands on them, they sent them away.   So
they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto
(Acts 13:1-4).   Thus we see the beginning
of the great missionary journeys of Paul, which resulted
in many souls being saved and many Churches being
   Please note some wonderful truths set forth in
this example of how God works.   (1) God was working
in and through the Church at Antioch.   (2) The Holy
chose the missionaries.   (3) The Holy Ghost spoke
to the Church.   (4) The Church was identified with
the missionaries by the laying on of hands.   (5) The
Church sent the missionaries away.   V. 3   (6) The
missionaries were sent forth by the Holy Ghost.   V. 4   (7)
Notice the complete absence of any man made organi-
zation in the sending out of these missionaries.   There
was no convention, association, or board involved.
   We do not believe that man can improve on God's
plan.   In the last days of this dispensation, as we
approach the midnight hour, let us once again return
to this great work of carrying out the Great Commis-
sion.   With God's message, God's method, and God's
motive, we can still reach countless souls.   We need,
and must have the power of the Holy Spirit.

   Statistics contained in this tract have been obtained from
many different sources.   It is our belief that they are reason-
ably accurate.

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